Giant stadium

Giant stadium

my first mix. of wonderland

your pain is my weakness your smile is my shine your heart is my tool i use to care and hold and be that one person everyone wishes they had but they haven’t found you wish you had someone like me and someone who will be yours and i guess now your not nobody’s because your the one who is afraid of making a commitment

you know something werid you were something so important and amazing to me and now i dont know what you are anymore our bond our memories our late night conversations i guess that you dont care as much as i do well baby its ok because one day i will find your replacement and when i visit you with the new guy your gonna look back and say ” Why didnt i love her when i had my chance “

"sometimes your stomach has so many butterflies it feels like your just gonna float into the air "

"sometimes your stomach has so many butterflies it feels like your just gonna float into the air "

just a thought

if someone says they care about you they shouldnt screw you over. If someone says they want you than its not the way you may think. sometimes things fall apart and come back together. sometimes things fall and dont go back together. Life is full of risk’s chances and  some happiness and also alot of pain

the thing you need to know is you know who you can trust, And know who you cant. life is a long path that keeps going and going with some bumps some turns and curves and some reverses and some forwards you may be the only person walking this path alone with a heart ach tears falling down your face and sadness thoughts. but you could also be happy and loved by the world that nobody will ever do something to hurt you but as everyone has been hurt. Everyone’s had a heartbreak Atleast once everyone’s messed up a friendship that could have went into a realationship. Now the best thing to do is smile when your mad cry when your happy dont let anyone knock you down and drag you along <3

lol never call someone asking if they can be your offical cat boy lol

not the best question

never teach your kids cursing at such a young age

not a good influence

okay i know that must of hurt xD but seriously people this video makes me laugh so hard i can fall off my chair listen close and u should hear it slow motion and she sounds like a whale crying